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Posted by Kortny Alexander on November 30, 2012 at 5:00 AM


Don't those steamy hot eyes just scream: get naked?! He's smoking hot, tall, and yummy to look at. If he were mine, I'd never, ever let him out of my sight.

Down to business. Although I've returned to school and it's truly kicking my butt, April, the stubborn little Showers sister is finally talking to me. I've had one helluva block when it came to her story so in the mean time I've managed to outline another 3 book series as well as plotting out a possible 5th book for the Whispering Mountain series. Still not certain about the fifth but hey, my mind tends to wander! Anyway, this weekend I will be working out more to April's story. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I need it.


Now that I've left some yummy maleness to ponder, I will leave you with 2 songs. I don't really care for the video in the second one but I like the song and I had to have a fast one. Enjoy the weekend!

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