Kortny Alexander Erotic Romance Author

                            COME & GET ME



    “Look how excited our princess is, Remy. She can’t wait to get fucked again.” Kane knew he was grinning like an idiot.

    When she looked over Remy’s shoulder and winked at him, Kane felt the moisture form on the head of his cock. “Oh baby, keep teasing and torturing me with those looks. I’m going to have Remy hold your arms above your head while I taste you. I miss having the creamy taste of you on my lips.”

    He loved the play of emotions that spread across her face. Her eyes glazed over as she watched him. She leaned close to Remy’s ear.

    “Tell Kane to stop with the empty promises.” She grinned over at Kane.

    Was she trying to make him come in his pants?

    “You like revving Kane up, don’t you, princess?” Remy asked just as he stopped in front of Kane’s bed and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

    “Is that what I’m doing?” she asked when Remy lowered her onto her feet.

    Kane’s view was obstructed and he could no longer see her because Remy was standing in the way. Didn’t matter. He shucked his weapons and clothes in seconds, placing them on the chair in the corner. He craved to feel her soft skin, to taste and touch her. To slide his cock deep inside her. Fuck! He could almost feel her squeezing his dick as he pounded into her. He took a deep breath. He needed to control his thoughts or he’d come before he got inside of her.

    “Is every bed in this house built for fun? This is the third bed I’ve seen that has room for at least four people,” May said just as she and Remy finally turned in search of Kane.

    “Damn!” May and Remy said in unison.

    “Take your clothes off before I rip them off your body.” His voice had grown husky and damn near unrecognizable.

    She stared at Kane for only a couple of seconds before she frantically removed her clothes. Remy just grinned at his brother as he removed his own clothing.

    “See what you started, princess? You’ve got Kane revved up.”

    “Remy, can you climb to the top of the bed please?” Remy nodded and got into position. He knew his brother would oblige. Kane needed this. His control was in shreds and he was doing his best to refrain from just pounding her into the mattress. That would come later.

    May stood naked at the end of the bed, staring at him. She looked as if she could eat him alive. He loved that she didn’t hide her desire for him. Everyone enjoyed feeling wanted. From the look in her eyes, Kane was definitely wanted. “You look absolutely beautiful, May.”

    He cupped her breasts, enjoying the warmth that filled his palms. He could tell they had gotten plump. Her nipples had darkened slightly. “Are they tender, baby?”

    “No. I really want them in your mouth right now.”

    She must have read his mind. Kane leaned forward and sucked one of the tightly puckered buds. He rolled his tongue across it, loving the way if felt against his tongue.

    Her nails dug into his scalp. She grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling him snug to her chest. “Suck harder.”

    Kane did as instructed. He thumbed and pinched the other nipple before switching sides.

    “Get her on the bed, Kane. Her knees are wobbling and her legs are giving out.”

    Kane let go of her nipple with a pop. “You heard him, princess. Climb onto the bed. Crawl all the way up until you reach Remy.”

    He watched as May sat on her knees in front of Remy. His brother leaned down, sucking a nipple into his mouth. The force with which he sucked her caused her to tilt forward until Remy caught her in his arms. Yet he didn’t let go of her breast. May cried out as she held onto Remy.

    The sounds of May crying out sent his cock into overload. Kane climbed onto the bed behind her. His fingers danced across her back and down to her bottom. His hand kept moving, searching until he slid his fingers down between her folds.

    “You’re so wet.” The moment his fingers began caressing her slit, she rocked against his hand. “I need to taste her, Remy. Let go.”

    May snickered. “Really, Kane?” She turned around to face him. “You’re such a whiner.”

    Kane growled at her as he positioned her onto her back. “Mouth.” He kissed her before she had a chance to speak. He left her winded when he pulled back. As he peppered kisses down her body, Remy pulled her hands above her head.

    He groaned when his lips stopped at her slick folds. “Mine.”