Kortny Alexander Erotic Romance Author

                       COME & GET ME



    No matter where she wandered off to or who she mingled with, Kane kept May in his line of sight. She was a city girl through and through, and yet she blended in with everyone from Whispering Mountains.

    He watched as she carried on conversations with the ranch hands, a few teachers, the local veterinarian, and even a few cowboys who hadn’t had a chance to change out of their well-worn jeans and scuffed boots before attending the wedding.

    In one long gulp, Kane downed the last of the strong liquor he had been swirling around in his glass. He tried to remain stoic as he watched May dance with her sisters and mingle with just about everyone but him and his brother. She thought she was getting away with dodging them, but she had no idea how wrong she truly was.

    “Cousin, you’re going to break that glass in your hand if you don’t ease up.” Jacob grinned as he pried the helpless glass from Kane’s fingers.

    When Jacob turned to Remy, who was damn near scowling, Kane looked around to see what had his brother so pissed. A neighboring rancher was asking May to dance.

    Jacob leaned closer to Remy. “If you want her, why don’t you just go and get her.” He turned back to Kane again. “Put your claim on her so the single men will quit sniffing around her and so me and the rest of the cousins will stop making fun of the both of you.”

    Kane narrowed his eyes at his cousin. “Advice from the man who secretly pines for May’s baby sister?”

    Jacob laughed. “We are discussing your personal life, not mine.” Jacob pointed a finger toward the open bar, and both brothers turned in that direction. All of their male cousins and even their own brothers were grinning at them.

    Remy turned back to Jacob. “Dear God, we must look like a couple of sad idiots.”

    “Yep, you do. So stop standing over here in the corner watching men hitting on your woman,.” Jacob added before finally walking off.

    Apparently that was the kick in the pants both Remy and Kane needed to get them stalking towards  May and the man who was eager to get her on the dance floor. Kane reached her just as Remy came to stand beside him.

    “Back off,.” Kane warned.

    The man looked from Kane to Remy, nodded, and walked away without a word.

    “What is wrong with the two of you?” May said in a hushed tone, fuming as she stormed off the dance floor. She slipped outside the tent, away from prying eyes. When she finally stopped, she turned with her hands on her hips. “Was it necessary to make a scene in there? You can’t tell me who to dance with. Neither of you!”

    “You were only going to turn him down, like you’d done with all the others. We were just saving you some time,.” Remy said, clearly ignoring her glaring eyes as he slowly walked around until he was behind her, pressing his body to hers.

    Kane watched as May closed her eyes, as if Remy’s hands halted her ability to think about anything else. Her hands trembled as she placed them on top of Remy’s, which were on her waist.

    “Look at me,” Kane said as he closed the distance between them. Cupping her delicate face in both hands, he captured her lips with his. It was soft and simple, yet his dick was pounding against the zipper of his slacks, yearning to be set free. “No more running. I want you, sweetness.”

    The soft moans that fluttered out were music to his ears. She sounded so wanton.

    “I want you, too, princess,” Remy added as he kissed along her neck and shoulder, pulling more moans from the delicate woman standing between them. “Don’t you want us, May?”

    Kane watched her closely. When May opened her eyes, he saw the hunger arise, and the desire shone clearly in her eyes. He kissed her again, whispering against her moist lips, “Answer the question, princess.”

A shaky sigh skated against his lips just before May spoke. “I–-I want you.” She held Kane’s gaze, wrapping one arm around his waist, pulling him flush against her quivering body as she hooked her other arm around Remy’s neck. “I want you both.”