Kortny Alexander Erotic Romance Author




     Bo’s hand went to her cheek. Instinctively, she turned into it with her eyes closed and kissed his palm. The intimate gestures should have unnerved her, but they didn’t. It only made her womb tighten at his every touch.

     “Spring,” he whispered as he tipped her chin up and once again held her gaze. “What is this? What’s happening between us?”

     “I-I don’t know. But I don’t want it to stop.” Had she said that out loud?

     “Me neither.” He held her head in his hands and ran his tongue across her lips just before she parted them. He welcomed the silent invitation. His tongue slid past her lips and instantly tangled with hers. The deep sigh from Spring simply encouraged him to kiss her with more passion. The desire for her burned deep in the depths of his soul. He couldn’t part with her. He growled in her mouth as hands skated all over her body. She moaned at his touches and moved in impossibly closer to him. Breaking their kiss first, he stared at her with lust-filled eyes. Panting as he tried to catch his breath.

     “Wish number two, please fuck me now.” Oh, dear God, she didn’t even recognize the sound of her own voice. Where had the confidence come from? She just begged a man to fuck her in the elevator where anyone could hear or see them. And all Spring could do was concentrate on not coming before he touched her.

     Bo only arched a brow at her request. “Minx, take off your panties before I rip them off.”

     There was no smile on his face or in his voice. His face had gone stern, determined, and his eyes darkened even more. Spring had never moved so fast in her life. This is what she wanted, what she craved. A man that knew what she needed and what she craved. Sometimes Spring wanted soft and gentle and sometimes…sometimes she just wanted her brains fucked out. The desire for this man made her insane. The throbbing of her clit couldn’t be ignored. After slipping her panties off, she tossed them to the floor and looked up at Bo. He had already removed his hat.

     “You are so damn sexy.” He grabbed both of her arms and linked them around his neck. She hadn’t even realized he had already unzipped his pants and had his cock out, bobbing and ready to make her scream his name.

     His hands slowly caressed down her body until they found her naked pussy and slid two fingers inside of her. She was soaked. Bo removed his fingers and grabbed handfuls of her dress and pushed it up to her waist. “Are you ready, minx?” He did not bother to let her answer. It would not have mattered either way. She was always ready for him.

     He took her mouth in such a rough kiss it took her breath away. When her knees began to melt at the sheer force of it all, Bo cupped her ass and lifted her off the floor as if she weighed nothing. “Lock your legs around me,” he whispered against her lips.

Spring did as instructed. She immediately felt the cold surface of the elevator wall at her back. He was going to use it for support. She felt his fingers glide down the crevice of her rounded cheeks and dip into her saturated pussy. Her juices were everywhere. They had coated her tender folds as well as her clit and inner thighs.

     “Mmmm,” he murmured against her ear. “All for me.”

     It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. A statement she wouldn’t dare argue against. A statement she wholly agreed with. A statement she wished could last past her vacation. A statement she would hold on to as long as possible.

     “Bo,” she groaned as she tossed her head from side to side against the elevator wall. Her hips moved of their own free will. She had no control over her body. It only seemed to respond to Bo and his ministrations.

     No words were uttered by him. Only the delicious haze of desire and hunger for Spring shone brightly in those stormy, ever-changing eyes of his. He aligned her sheath with his dick and slowly sank into her to the hilt. His come boiled, ready to burst through his slit. The pressure was insurmountable. He watched as Spring squirmed and moaned, but he held her firm and controlled every stroke.

     “Bo, I-I won’t last. You have maybe sixty seconds.” She closed her eyes. Embarrassed by the admission.

     “Look at me, Spring.” He began slow, deep thrusts as he spoke to her. When she opened her eyes and looked at him, he continued to talk. “I will be right behind you, baby. Let go. Come for me, minx.”