Kortny Alexander Erotic Romance Author





     Nothing had slipped by her sisters once they arrived. But they also realized Spring was beyond tight-lipped about who sucked her neck into oblivion and plastered that silly grin on her face. Eventually they gave up. They settled for teasing her instead. She knew her sisters would play their famous sit-and-wait game. And eventually, she would spill. She trotted down to the bank of elevators just as she heard her sister, Summer.

     “There. Is. A. God. Come on, Spring. There are three hot cowboys holding the elevator for you!”

     What in the world had gotten into her sister? She acted as if she had never seen men before. Hell, the men probably weren’t real cowboys anyway. Spring smiled and immediately shrugged. It was Vegas. Why the hell her sister was yelling down the hall so early in the morning was lost on Spring. But then again, nobody really slept in Vegas. They were there to have a good time, so she yelled back as she approached the elevator. “I’m coming, Summer. I can’t run in this dress…” Every word in the English dictionary was lost to Spring when she reached the elevator her sisters were waiting in.

     She instantly knew why her three sisters had the dumbest grins on their faces. The three cowboys were hot. Their mutual overpowering and imposing presences filled the elevator to damn near capacity. Her eyes lingered a moment too long to go undetected by her detective-like sisters. Damn! Her body tingled like it knew who it belonged to when she caught Bo’s gaze.

     There he stood with his Stetson on, snug T-shirt, low-rider faded jeans, and well-worn cowboy boots. The men flanking him were dressed in similar clothing. But Spring couldn’t take her eyes off of Bo. The man who had fucked the living daylights out of her only hours earlier. The sight of him made her nipples hard, and her pussy instantly flooded with her juices. What the hell?

     Bo was flanked on either side by what had to be his brothers, the same men she had seen the night before. They stood against the back wall of the elevator. Cowboy hats low on their heads, but not low enough that she couldn’t see the identical pale sky-blue eyes. Her sisters stood in front of them. And all eyes were on Spring. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Could things be any more uncomfortable? The three men donned knowing smirks before their facial features were serious again. It took her sisters only moments to pick up on the obvious point that something was going on.

     “Spring, get on the elevator. I’m hungry,” her baby sister, April, whined.

     Spring thought that would be the end of it. She prayed her sisters thought she was enthralled by the three hunks just like they were. She hoped like hell neither Bo nor his brothers would open their mouths.

     Damn, she should have known things wouldn’t go her way.

     She stepped into the elevator and pressed herself to the side wall, trying to put as much distance between them as possible. She muttered to herself and unconsciously brushed her hair to the side and bared her passion mark.

     Her older sister, Summer, was the first to notice the looks that passed between Spring and Bo. Spring knew it was over when Summer smirked at her, but held her tongue. That was so unlike Summer. Too bad for Spring, Bo’s brothers were not so forgiving.

     “Hey, Vance, have you noticed that our brother has a similar big-ass hickey on his neck just like the pretty lady over there?” He nodded in Spring’s direction. Twerp. Unable to look away, she watched as Bo’s eyes zeroed in on her and only her. He didn’t care who knew.

     “Uh-huh. You’re right, Cade. We must have missed out on one hell of a party last night. Two people with big-ass hickeys! What are the odds?” Bastards!

     Spring felt her entire body flush with embarrassment. Running into her one-night stand and his sarcastic brothers was not something she had expected to do. Spring watched as her sisters took in what was not being said as they looked from her neck, her eyes, her body movement, then to Bo and did the same. Dammit!

     Karma screwed with her this morning. The first time she decided to go wild, look what happened. What were the odds of getting into the elevator with Bo and his brothers? She just watched as her sisters continued to do mental inventory on the situation as the elevator continued to descend. She was trapped. Trapped on the elevator with her one-time lover, her nosy-ass sisters, and his bigmouthed brothers.

     Bo must have realized the panicked look in her eyes. A slow, sexy grin crossed his lips as he ignored their curious siblings and reached out a hand to her. Without hesitation, Spring placed her hand in his and walked into his embrace. She wished she could have ignored him. She wished that after one night it would have remained one night. She wished she would not have run into Bo the rest of her trip. But none of those things were possible.

     Spring wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her head into his chest. It was like coming home. He smelled so damned good. Every naughty act she shared with Bo came rushing back. She belonged there with him, and yet, she knew this would not last. Spring knew that when it came time for them to part ways, it was going to hurt like hell. But for now, right now, she embraced everything Bo offered her. She pressed her ear to his chest and let the pounding of his heart calm her, tune out their siblings.

     “Awwwwkward,” May, Spring’s other sister, mumbled.

     The elevator dinged, and luckily for Spring and Bo, his brothers saved the day. If only momentarily.