Kortny Alexander Erotic Romance Author

Love, Interrupted-Excerpt

Hitomi is fed up. All her friends keep trying to wedge a relationship into her carefully constructed life. She has plenty of risk in her business life. She doesn’t need the pain love brings.

A computer error during college paired her with Raiden Saga, a male roommate. They formed a surprising friendship that quietly grew over four years from an ember of interest to a passionate inferno. Hitomi, believing the intimate weekend to have been a mistake, flees first their tryst and then cuts off all contact with Raiden.


Losing control is inevitable though, when Raiden sweeps back into her life as a sweetly compelling complication. Hitomi falls in love with the widowed Raiden and his daughter…but will she believe herself worthy of love ? Or will she run again, losing everything to her fears of letting go?