Kortny Alexander Erotic Romance Author


The gentle tapping at her office door the next day had Hitomi staring back at it curiously. Heather hadn’t informed her that anyone was waiting for her. Standing up, Hitomi responded, “Come in.”
The door slowly opened, and she was greeted with a smile that could melt your heart. “I know I didn’t make an appointment…am I disturbing you?”Raiden asked as he came in and closed the door behind him.
The smile couldn’t spread across her face fast enough. “What are you doing here? I’m positive we didn’t have an appointment.”
“No we didn’t. Our official appointment isn’t until next week, but I couldn’t stay away. I was a bit overzealous about seeing you again. Plus, I wanted to have lunch with you if you were free.” He looked so damn sexy with his hands in his pockets with that “aw shucks” look. Who could say no to that face? He had always been good at mastering that look. “I would love that. Just give me a moment to finish this e-mail and then we can go…where are we going?”
“It’s taken care of. Just finish up, and I will take you to our destination.”
He made her nervous as he leaned against her door, watching, staring. There was something magnetic about Raiden. All she wanted to do was run into his arms and kiss him passionately. She wanted him to strip her of her clothing and take her right here on her sofa. She mentally shook away the thought. She needed to get out of this office before she did something crazy. “Okay, I’m ready.” She grabbed her purse and headed towards the door. “Just let me tell Heather that I’m leaving.” She welcomed his unexpected visits for lunch. As much as she had thought about Raiden lately, it was as if those thoughts had brought him to her door.
Raiden opened the door for her. Before Hitomi had a chance to speak, Heather cut in.
“I’ll take that.” Heather took Hitomi’s purse and handed off the woven straw basket to Raiden. “Enjoy your lunch,” she replied as she turned away from Hitomi.
“Et tu, Heather?” Hitomi teased as Raiden coughed back a laugh, placed his hand on her lower back, and guided her to the elevators. To Raiden she said, “When did the two of you have the time to conspire?”
“I’m not going to tell you so stop being nosey.” He gave a deep chuckle as they stepped into the elevator. When he locked eyes with Heather, he said,“Thank you.” She nodded and smiled.
Once they were outside her office building, Hitomi asked, “Where to?”
“Right over there.” Raiden nodded his head in the direction of the park across the street from her office building. “Today is a beautiful day for a picnic. Don’t you think?”
Speechless. Speechless and buzzing with butterflies and excitement described how Hitomi felt as Raiden held her hand while crossing the street. He had managed to surprise her with the help of Heather. For the second time in a very long time, Hitomi had butterflies in her stomach.
It was a beautiful day indeed. Hitomi spotted the perfect place to eat their lunch. Nodding in agreement of the shaded oak tree, Raiden set the basket on the ground. Raiden pulled a blanket from the basket and motioned for Hitomi to sit as he followed suit. He smacked at Hitomi’s hand when she tried to peek inside the basket.
“Behave, Hitomi, or I won’t feed you.”
“This is so sweet, Raiden. Thank you for thinking of me.” She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. Instantly, her hand moved to her lips. She felt something tingle inside of her. She could have sworn it was a small shock but decided to shake it off. “I’m starving. What did you pack?”
Raiden pulled out two grilled chicken salads. “I prepared these myself, and I also brought three different types of dressings for you to choose from. There are several water bottles and a few packets of sugar-free drink mix. And for dessert...” He looked up at her and arched an eyebrow as she watched him intently tracing his lips with his tongue.
“If you eat all of your salad, you can have dessert.”
“You’ve got yourself a challenge, mister.” Hitomi managed to calm her stomach. She was definitely hungry. Plus, she loved dessert. Hell, if she could she’d eat the dessert first. She stared back up at Raiden. “Thank you. I haven’t felt this special in a long time.” Lowering her head, she felt her eyes begin to water. That was true but not the whole truth. She knew she would never allow anyone to get this close in order to make her feel special. Sitting on the blanket eating lunch with Raiden, she realized this is just one of many things she had missed out on.
Raiden brought his hand to her chin and lifted it back up so he could look into her eyes. “You are my silver-eyed beauty, Hi. I would do any and everything to see you smile.” He swiped a stray tear from her cheek. “I was excited to see you again. I couldn’t wait and I thought it would be great to have another relaxed setting. Restaurants are nice, but this is better. I hope you don’t mind.”
“Can I be honest with you, Raiden?”
“Seeing you yesterday did something…something to me. I am enjoying the time we are spending together, considering I couldn’t get you out of my head last night.” Crap! Share much? Her cheeks blazed from embarrassment.
“I will remember that.”