Kortny Alexander Erotic Romance Author



Adult Excerpt 

     “Lean back against the dashboard, baby.” Denver groaned when Summer did as instructed. He smiled wide when he realized his brother still held on to her breast. Denver yanked at the flimsy panties until they ripped on either side. He tossed them over his shoulder to the backseat. “Dillon, doesn’t our girl smell sweet?”

     Keeping his eyes on the road, Dillon moved his hand slowly down Summer’s body until he reached her soaking wet folds. He pressed a finger deep inside her and brought it to his mouth and tasted it. “She tastes just as sweet as she smells.” He stole a quick look at her. “Damn, you are gorgeous, Summer.”

     Summer moved up close and quickly brushed her lips against Dillon. “You’re next.” The intensity of what was about to take place had her trembling, yet she remained confident in what she wanted. She turned to look at Denver. “Pants down, now.”

     Both men chuckled low and deep as Denver made quick movements to unfasten his jeans and push them down. He slid a condom on and patted his thigh. “Come here, baby.” Denver helped guide Summer down on him. She put both of her hands on his shoulders, bracing herself as she worked him into her tight sex.

     “Dammit, wildfire. You’re tight as hell,” Denver said through gritted teeth. As much as he wanted to slam into her, he held on to his patience. He didn’t want to hurt Summer because he was too eager to be inside of her.

     Summer didn’t wait to acclimate herself to the thick cock pushed inside of her. She began to rise and fall as Denver held her by the waist. He said nothing. He just stared into her eyes as she did the same. Everything around them disappeared as Summer moved faster. She felt the flutters in her stomach just before they spread throughout her body. Her orgasm built up fast and was barreling full speed ahead. In a few swift movements, Summer had pulled the dress over her head and tossed it to the side.

     “That’s my little wildfire. Fuck me.” Denver crooned as he held on for dear life. Summer rocked up and down on his cock and he could only sit and watch as her eyes glazed over and her lips parted on a moan. He realized that talking dirty to her revved her up more. “Ride me, Summer. You’re so damn wet. You’re gonna make me come.”

     Summer’s entire body was on fire as her orgasm took her over. She whispered Denver’s name over and over as she came. She felt Denver grasp her waist tighter as he took four more powerful thrusts and came as well. He yelled her name and kissed her roughly as they both began to come down. She felt a small trickle of sweat flow down her back as she laid her head on Denver’s shoulders.

     It wasn’t until that moment that Summer realized how quiet the cab of the truck was. There was no movement to indicate they were traveling, no hum of an engine, no music, no nothing. Dillon. Summer looked to her right and saw every drop of lust in Dillon’s eyes. She could not deny him even if she tried.

     “It’s my turn, baby,” Dillon said as he reached for Summer. Denver and Dillon shifted to their right so Dillon was no longer limited by the steering wheel. Once free, he pulled Summer to his naked lap. He had already pulled his jeans down, stripped away his shirt, and sheathed his cock. Dillon was ready and waiting for his Summer.

     As Summer sat with Dillon’s cock pressed between their stomachs she    couldn’t help but realize she didn’t know where they were. She figured they must have made it back to the house, but the surroundings were too dark.

     “Where are we?” she asked as she watched Denver get out of the truck only to walk around and get in on the driver’s side.

     “We are on the private access road that leads to the house,” Dillon answered as he brushed her hair back from her face. “I need your kisses, Summer.”

     She could only grin as she moved forward to kiss Dillon. He was always a touch gentler than his two brothers. He had needs just like any other man, but he was also romantic and tender. Tonight, Summer didn’t think he would be so tender. She knew she wasn’t going to be.

     Summer licked his lips and Dillon instantly parted them. Neither was in the mood to take it slow. Summer slid her tongue past his lips and Dillon sucked on her tongue. He sucked just hard enough to make her groan and rub her already soaking pussy against his thighs. She gripped his shoulders and pressed her naked breasts to his bare chest. Feeling the sparse hair on his chest caused her to fall against Dillon with a groan.

     Dillon lifted her body completely off of his and guided her down onto his cock, slow and steady. He would not stop until he was fully seated inside of her. He had to move once her greedy pussy began squeezing him.

     “Oh, damn, Summer. Baby, you’re killing me. I’m not going to last if you keep squeezing me with that sweet pussy of yours.”

     “I can’t help it, Dillon.” She moaned as she began moving up and down on his cock. “You feel so good.” Summer moved faster as Dillon grabbed a handful of her hair and tugged.

     He wanted to control the movements even if he would not last. Dillon held her firm with one hand around her waist and lowered his head to suck a nipple firmly into his mouth. He fucked Summer harder, pistoned in and out of her when he heard her moans turn into cries of delight.

     “I want you to come for me, Summer.” Dillon slid his fingers down until they reached her clit. “You feel that, baby? Come for me, Summer, while I fuck your pussy.”

     Summer jerked forcefully when she felt the flames flow through her from head to toe. “Dillon,” she whispered.